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The example of the civil vernacular architecture that constitutes the historical environment must be preserved as well as the historical monuments. In the project, to revitalize the civil architecture of Eyüp and to re-integrate of loss pattern in the street, which is a very important center since the conquest of Istanbul, three historical wooden buildings are being reconstructed. The buildings to be reconstructed are examples of civil vernacular architecture of Eyüp, reflecting the face of region in 19th century in Istanbul. Reconstruction projects have been prepared on the basis of concrete resources such as existing photographs, plans, maps, surveys, and are designed to reflect all aspects of the characteristics of the period.

These historical examples of vernacular architecture buildings are located at the ends and center of the buildings with a total number of five buildings. Traditional building materials such as natural stone, brick, lime mortars and wood will be used in these buildings which will be constructed with traditional wooden frame building technique. Between the historic buildings which will be reconstruction of the çivil vernacular wooden architecture, new contemporary designs have been made but the new buildings designed in respect of the historical context and pattern. In the design of new buildings, mass, facade, and roofing  properties of historic wooden buildings were interpreted and reflected on the new buildings.

The project tries to keep the past and future together with its contemporary and respectful to historical environment buildings and with the cultural assets to be reconstructed. The project offers a future view on from the real historic perspective to the visitors of buildings as well as visitors of neighborhood.

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