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"When questioning the potential of each project; we aim at a reformist perspective for architecture that consolidate a process which engage in a dialogue consistent with the "outcome" by taking into account the relationship between design and theorem."

PDG Architects, founded in 2015 by Architect Cengiz Gültek and Architect Murat Şahin, with the offices located both in Istanbul and in Houston (US) put its signatures on quilified national and international projects thanks to a whole dynamic staff.


Producing its projects in a wide range on urban design, mixed use, housing, business, education, offices, accommodation topics, PDG Architects designs uncovering the potential, concidering the relationship between design and theorem, and in a reformist perspective for architecture.


PDG Architects, respects the values of architecture, cares for the nature and design being together, thinks about the needs of the users, considers dialoge important during the design, turn projects which have outcomes into reality.


Murat Şahin



Cengiz Gültek


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