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The area of KentPlus YALOVA Wellness SPA Resort designed by Project Design Group in the settlement of Dereliköy in Armutlu of Yalova, which is situated on land with an area of approximately 330.000 m², welcome people with its hill topography, mild climate and spectacular sea view and is set in green countryside, enabling resident to re-establish contact with nature. This unique natural character of the site forms the basis of the project concept, whose main aim is that the buildings should be designed to become partially lost in this natural atmosphere, and by harmonizing with the topography to spread and melt into the landscape. Similarly the atmosphere envisaged for users was that while enjoying themselves, relaxing or walking in the street they should imbibe the fragrance of nature. So in order to achieve this envisaged atmosphere for users and to enhance its effect, numerous green belts were created in residential area. By this means, the integration of land, design and the forestland surrounding the project area is provided.


Through this created atmosphere of the project, it was targeted that the natural environment, which is the most important element and also the director of design and design process, gets involved in user’s daily life in the first order.


Hotel, Commercial





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